Pie it Forward Campaign



PURCHASE A PIE FROM A TEAM - if so, find your team below to give them credit for your pie purchase.


Welcome to my little spot in the wonderful world of Pie It Forward. Buy 1 pie = Feed 1 Senior for a Week . . Easy Peasy! Don't need the actual Pie? Donate $25 for a Virtual Pie and feel really satisfied, too.   ...Read More
Join the team of Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and U.S. Trust employees who have supported Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches since the inaugural Pie it Forward campaign. The premise is easy...buy a delicious, locally made Thanksgiving pie for a $25 donation to Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches - and with your donation, a local homebound senior will receive a weeks worth of hot, healthy nutritious meals!   ...Read More
BDO is proud to support Meals on Wheels this holiday season!  ...Read More
Buying pies will help feed seniors for a week. Sign up today to purchase these scrumptious pies for the holidays!  ...Read More
Get into the giving spirit and buy yourself a delicious $25 pie. The proceeds from each pie will provide a week's worth of meals to a local, homebound senior!  ...Read More
Coldwell Banker is proud to participate again in the Meals on Wheels Pie it Forward campaign. Your purchase of a pie for $25 provides a home-bound senior a fresh nutritious meal for a whole week! Please join us in helping our local community by purchasing a pie. If your Coldwell Banker Realtor® will be picking your pie up, please select deliver to Coldwell Banker, otherwise you can go to one of the 2 pickup locations on November 21st.  ...Read More
By purchasing a pie for Thanksgiving, you are giving the gift of hot meals to a local senior. 25$ provides a hot meal for 5 days. Thank you for supporting this wonderful organization!   ...Read More
Please join Perry Borman and the Got Pie? team. Your contribution helps feed vulnerable seniors in the community. And you get to enjoy pie made by a local chef!!!  ...Read More
Please join our team to support the Meals on Wheels Pie It Forward effort. You'll get a wonderful delicious pie!   ...Read More
Hi all, Many of you know this is a special project for me. Pie it Forward, what could be more fitting for this time of year. Join me in feeding the homebound seniors in our community.  ...Read More
KLX has teamed up with Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches to sell delicious pies as part of their "Pie it Forward" campaign. This is your opportunity to join us in supporting our community at such an important time to give back.  ...Read More
As leaders, we have two primary priorities—1) improve our community and 2) eat delicious pastry desserts. This is a rare opportunity to simultaneously do both. Thanks for your support!   ...Read More
I am raising essential funds for homebound seniors in Palm Beach County as part of the annual Pie It Forward campaign. Buy a pie & feed a senior a week's worth of hot, nutritious meals! Buy pies for friends, family, neighbors, clients and colleagues. Then share the good pie word.... there's never been a more delicious way to give back and help a worthy cause. Encourage them to purchase pies as well! Pie It Forward!!   ...Read More
Buy a Pie, Feed a Senior! Pie It Forward is Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches campaign to help feed homebound seniors in our community. Pay it forward, by buying a pie this Thanksgiving, knowing your $25 donation will feed a homebound senior for a week. Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches receives NO government funding.  ...Read More
Nextera and FPL are proud to help support feeding the homebound seniors in our community.   ...Read More
BUY A PIE AND FEED A SENIOR FOR A WEEK. It is Pie time, let's all pass it forward this Thanksgiving. Purchase a gourmet apple, pecan or pumpkin pie for $25. Don't need a pie? Buy a Virtual Pie to make your $25 donation. Blessings to all at this thankful time of the year. Xxoo Patty  ...Read More
pie it forward helps to feed needy seniors in palm beach county. please help and enjoy a great pie  ...Read More
Dear Family, Friends, and Colleagues, Welcome to Peace of Pie! Please join me in supporting Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches at this Thanksgiving season. Each pie sold for $25 provides a week full of fresh, nutritious meals for a homebound senior, along with wellness checks and visits from a friendly volunteer. And, you get a delicious pie, just in time for Thanksgiving! This is more than just a fundraiser - we are fostering community spirit and supporting the most vulnerable among us. Join us and Pie It Forward this fall! Thank you for your support, Lanelle  ...Read More
The Members Club is participating in the Meals on Wheels program of Palm Beach County again for this Thanksgiving. An individual can choose to purchase a pie (apple, pumpkin, pecan or virtual) for $25.00 each and the proceeds from the sale of one pie will feed a senior citizen for one week.  ...Read More
Have you heard of Pie it Forward, Palm Beach’s biggest pie sale ever? For just $25, you can have a delicious Apple, Pecan, or Pumpkin pie baked from one of Palm Beach’s most prestigious chefs. Your pie will be freshly baked and available for a convenient pick up just before Thanksgiving. The best part about buying the pie is every single pie I sell will provide a week’s worth of hot meals for a homebound senior right here in our community. Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches supplies 35,000 meals per year.  ...Read More
Join the Right at Home Palm Beach team in support of the Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches' Pie It Forward program. Each donation will provide a homebound senior week's worth of nutritious meals.  ...Read More
This is my second year as a board member of Meals on Wheels. We are expanding our reach to provide meals to more homebound seniors. I am asking for your support and Pie It Forward. Buy a pie and supply a homebound senior with 5 fresh cooked meals delivered daily by dedicated volunteers,nourshing body and well being. For the "out of towners" participate with a virtual pie. Join Meals on Wheels and be part of our goal so no senior goes hungry.  ...Read More
Please help Mack and I support one of our favorite organizations! No senior should go hungry! Buy a delicious pie or virtual pie to feed a senior for a whole week! Thanks for the support!  ...Read More
We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches, to sell delicious Thanksgiving pies as part of their fall "Pie it Forward" campaign. Here’s how it works: Palm Beach County’s most notable chefs sign up to donate pies. This list of “Pie Masters” includes many of our areas most prestigious restaurants, hotels, and private clubs. Selling teams are formed to sell the pies for Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches. Pie orders are taken October 16-November 13. We sell Apple, Pumpkin, or Pecan. We even sell Virtual pies, if you simply just want to donate to this great organization (no pie will be received) Pick up your pies on Tuesday, November 21 at your choice of distribution sites: Downtown West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County Convention Center, 650 Okeechobee Blvd. or North County: RCA Blvd. Plaza. The best part, everyone enjoys a delicious Thanksgiving pie AND each pie sold for $25 will feed a homebound senior for a week! Thinking of someone to buy a pie for? Yourself, Thanksgiving host, neighbors, family, friends, clients, employees, colleagues How do you buy the pie? Click on this link and reserve your pies now! www.mowpb.org.   ...Read More