About the Program

You may be looking for meal service for yourself,
a family member or friend, or perhaps you know of
someone in your community who is in need...  



Our service is for

  People who are homebound due to age,
    infirmity, chronic disease, disability, or who
    are suffering from a debilitating illness, and

 Are unable or find it difficult to food shop
   and prepare nutritious meals for themselves, and

•  Are living alone or with a spouse or partner who is also eligible.

 We serve homebound living alone seniors 65 and older.

•  Patients discharged from hospitals or rehab who
   need short term assistance with meals as they
   recuperate. Minimum service length is one month.

 Senior caregivers of a spouse or partner. We deliver
   two meals to  provide the caregiver respite from cooking.



The price is $7.00 per meal with financial assistance available for those who qualify.
Based on simple information such as monthly income and shelter expenses,
many clients receive subsidized prices which makes the contribution modest
and affordable for everyone.  Program eligibility is confirmed over the phone and
enrollment is conducted in person with a home visit by one of our staff members. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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