A letter from the CEO


Dear Friends,

As I think about the past few months, I am filled with endless gratitude, inspiration, and admiration.  Through the challenges we have faced during COVID-19, there has been a constant silver-lining: the notable way our community has pulled together to help the most vulnerable seniors in need.   

Community backing is invaluable to our operations.  It has enabled us to continue service without interruption to the local, homebound senior population who rely on our meals to stay nourished. The collective patronage has also given us the ability to successfully navigate the enrollment of more seniors who are confined to their home, and to provide additional meals and pantry items to individuals who have been hit the hardest during the health pandemic.


More than 80,000 meals delivered from March, 2020-January, 2021

We care for 350 homebound seniors

Assisted 100 newly homebound seniors
due to the pandemic

Distributing meals is absolutely an essential function of our organization; however, the core principle that distinguishes our efforts is truly being “more than a meal”.  We actively work to foster and deepen a strong human connection with the seniors we serve. This fundamental aspect of our culture safeguards the health and safety of our clients.

There is much richness to be gained when you witness relatively small gestures creating grand differences in the well-being of your neighbors.  Take for instance, a donation of a high-end electric wheelchair – a life changing event for a long-time client with a recent decline in mobility who is struggling to move around her own home. Or a birthday celebration for a 100-year-old client by staff and volunteers who deliver meals to her; offering veterinarian care and food for the beloved pets of our low income clients through the coveted AniMeals program; and distributing face masks, word search puzzle books, toilet paper, and hurricane preparedness kits. Showing seniors in isolation they are not alone is a vital public safety measure that we value and strive for on a consistent basis.

As we continue to steer through this pandemic, I am thanking you for the confidence and trust you have in us to care for the most vulnerable seniors in need. It is truly admirable for community members to help out higher-risk individuals receive essential nutrition and connection they so urgently need.

With your encouragement and assistance, our work continues to serve and nourish those who count on us - today, tomorrow, and beyond.  

Heartfelt thanks,
Pamela Calzadilla
President & CEO