Volunteer Overview

Help us change the world for someone who is homebound
– one meal at a time.

Join us today and begin by bringing a meal to someone like Dolores.
We began serving Miss Dolores about a year ago when a neighbor
called about her - concerned that she wasn’t eating properly. With no
family in the area, widowed and in her 80's, Dolores found it difficult
to get enough nourishment each day and her health was failing. Upon
enrollment she shared how she stretched a can of soup for lunch and
dinner sometimes if she wasn't able to prepare something. Now she
eagerly looks forward to the knock on the door by the Volunteer with
her meal - "Oh my - chicken, vegetables, a banana and cookies? My
favorites!” We have many more stories just like that of Dolores. And
many more people in our local community who need what a good meal
delivered by a friendly face can bring them. That's the story behind our
saying "A meal and so much more…"  So come join us and see how
2 hours a week can make a world of difference in someone's life. 


Call 561-802-6979 to volunteer



The Benefits of Volunteering

Think about the last time you volunteered your time and talents
to an important effort or cause. How did it make you feel? With
the busy lives we lead, just the thought of volunteering might
seem overwhelming, but in reality it could be very beneficial. It's
easy to think about the positive impact that volunteers have on
others, but we don't often consider how rewarding it can be for a
volunteer to reach out and make a difference in someone's life.



Here are five good reasons to volunteer:


Volunteering may be good for body & mind

There’s something gratifying about volunteering.
Whenever I work a charity event— which I try
to do with some regularity—I often get more out
of it than I give. Read Full Article